Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles

We license Hackney Carriages and Private Hire vehicles

We make sure that every taxi driver has an excellent knowledge of the area, a good grasp of English and, most importantly, is a safe and cautious driver. 

Which taxi is which?

We license both hackney carriage taxis and private hire vehicles.

You flag down a hackney carriage while out in Bournemouth. They can drive you anywhere in Bournemouth for a fare. They’re easily recognisable as they’re mostly a pale yellow.

A private hire vehicle is one that you can book ahead of travelling. A private hire vehicle can’t pick up people along the side of the road. They need to be booked first through an operator.

You can find out about the rules and regulations covering our taxis in our blue book.

You can book a taxi with wheelchair access in Bournemouth through these operators

Taxi Fares 2017

Hackney Carriage – Maximum Fares & Charges April 2017

Tuk Tuks and Pedicabs

Guidance on licensing a tuk tuk or pedicab.

Application Forms

How do I make a complaint about a licenced taxi?

As the licensing authority behind taxis and private hire vehicles in Bournemouth, we want to know if you’ve had a problem please contact us with details of your complaint. 

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