Registering A Food Business

If you’re starting a food business, you need to register it with us

Registering your food business

Make sure you have the correct planning authorisation for your type of food operation. You need to register your food business with us, even if you have purchased an existing business.

You need to register 28 days before the change over or opening.  You can complete our online food business registration form. There’s no fee for registration.

Are mobile food vendors different from food businesses?

Mobile Food Vendors are still food businesses, so they need to register. Our food business registration form covers mobile food businesses as well as businesses in permanent premises.

In Bournemouth, there is specific legislation that prevents you trading on public land. If you are thinking of having an event, then our events team are very happy to assist you with this, T: 01202 128686 or Email: Tourism and Leisure Marketing

Vendors are not permitted to trade on the beach unless they are operating from a concession. 

Looking for a permanent pitch?

If you would like a permanent pitch, please register at Supplying the South West portal.

Trading in the parks and gardens

There are two Street Food Corner sites for traders with registered, self-contained mobile food outlets:-

  • Lower Gardens
  • Hengistbury Head

For more details and the price list visit Street Food Corner.

What hygiene facilities do I need to provide?

The main priority for any food business is hygiene. We run inspections to check that food businesses have the right facilities for personal cleanliness.

 You need to have:

  • Clean ventilated toilets that don’t lead directly into food rooms.
  • Wash-hand basins with a supply of hot and cold water, soap and hand drying facilities.
  • Protective over-clothing for food handlers. They can only be worn at work so a suitable changing area away from the food rooms must be provided.
  • Ventilation that should be designed to allow easy access for cleaning and maintenance. 
  • Arrangements for the hygienic storage and regular removal of waste. Businesses have a separate waste disposal facility to domestic use.
  • Customer toilet facilities if you provide seats for more than eight people to consume food on the premises.
  • Specific training in food hygiene for food handlers.