'A' Board Advertising Policy

Policy regarding the use of ‘A’ boards and similar advertising signs and boards

Our policy regarding the use of ‘A’ boards on shop frontages, will be enforced on January 1 2017. This policy applies to all ‘A’ boards and similar advertising boards and signs. The key elements of the policy are:

  • ‘A’ boards must be placed in front of the advertised premises, must touch the frontage belonging to that premises and must only relate to that establishment
  • A minimum of 1.8 metres of footway should be left between the ‘A’ board and the road
  • ‘A’ boards are the owner’s responsibility when placed on the highway, we will not be held liable for any damage caused to highway users as a result
  • ‘A’ boards must be removed from the highway at the end of the day
  • Only one ‘A’ board is permitted outside each relevant premise
  • ‘A’ boards must be temporary and easily removable, but stable and not easily knocked blown over
  • We reserve the right to remove or allow the removal of any ‘A’ boards if necessary.
  • An ‘A’ board must not exceed 100cm in height and 60cm in width or obstruct the highway.

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