Help And Guidance for Suppliers

Some advice and guidance on using the portal and what to submit in a tender response

The guides below will help and advise you with accessing the functions of Supplying the South West portal and walk you through some of the processes you may be required to undertake.

Advice for e-Tendering

  • Do not fill-in the documents online, save them to your PC first
  • Do read all the info to ensure you meet all the requirements before filling-in your response
  • Do make a note of key deadlines
  • Do not alter the original tender documents or any supplied pricing schedules
  • Do use the online Q&A facility if you have any queries about the process
  • Do ensure your response is submitted in on time, late responses are rarely accepted
  • Do not include publicity material in your response unless you've been specifically asked to
  • Do contact the Council well in advance of the deadline if you have technical problems or are unable to submit your response electronically