Purchase 2 Pay (P2P)

Bournemouth Borough Council uses an electronic P2P system to buy goods, works and services reducing the need for a paper based system.

All elements of the transaction, from the initial query, to invoicing and payment can be undertaken electronically via email, fax and web in order to streamline processes and reduce costs.

Why is it important?

The Government recognises that Councils can save considerable sums of taxpayers money by implementing P2P. Automating procurement processes can save time & resources helping toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly Bournemouth.

How does P2P benefit Suppliers?

Benefits that suppliers will receive;

  • Free Service
  • Saves time, money, resources & back office functions for Suppliers
  • Improves communication
  • Full Audit trail of all order activity
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Increases efficiency in the invoicing process

Invoicing Bournemouth Borough Council

Suppliers can invoice Bournemouth Borough Council in two ways. Suppliers can either Electronically Invoice (e-Invoicing) or issue a Paper Invoice to Bournemouth Borough Council. The Council promotes where possible that suppliers ‘e-Invoice’ the Council.

Submitting Electronic Invoices is more efficient as the invoice is entered directly into the Council’s finance system allowing your invoice to be processed immediately. Electronic invoices reduce paper and you will also be able to track the status of invoices through the ‘Supplier Portal’.


The P2P system has a ‘Supplier Portal’ area that allows our suppliers to enter invoice details directly against our purchase orders, and also check the acceptance status of their invoices and payments.

If you are trading with the Council and are interested in submitting your invoices electronically please contact us at procurement@bournemouth.gov.uk for further information.

Suppliers can also find guides below for using the Supplier Portal to submit invoices and credit notes as well as request amendments to purchase orders raised.

Paper Invoicing

If you need to submit a paper invoice to the Council, please ensure that you read the Supplier guide, ‘Good Invoicing Practice’ below. This guide outlines what the Council requires on an Invoice in order to ensure that there is no delay in processing it.

If your company does not have a template for invoices, the Council have provided a template which you can fill in below.

Paper invoices should be e-mailed in a PDF format to the Council’s Creditors department (creditors@bournemouth.gov.uk).

Access to P2P for Suppliers


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