Purchase 2 Pay (P2P)

We use an electronic P2P system to buy goods, works and services. This reduces the need for a paper based system.

Purchase 2 Pay (P2P)

All elements of the transaction, from the initial query, to invoicing and payment can be completed electronically via email, fax and web in order to streamline processes and reduce costs.

Why is it important?

We can save taxpayers money by implementing P2P.

Automated procurement processes save time and resources. They help build a more sustainable and environmentally friendly Bournemouth.

How does P2P benefit Suppliers?

Benefits that suppliers will receive;

  • Free service
  • Saves time, money, resources and back-office functions for suppliers
  • Improves communication
  • Full audit trail of all order activity
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Increases efficiency in the invoicing process

Invoicing Bournemouth Borough Council

Our easy e-Invoicing solution makes it as simple as possible for suppliers. You send PDF or .tiff invoices from your accounts system to a pre-defined invoice email address. These invoices are automatically imported into the our finance system and matched against the our purchase orders.

When using this e-Invoicing solution, you will benefit from:

  • No additional costs to suppliers and savings on postage
  • The ability to submit invoices without changing your internal processes or systems
  • Reduction of manual activities (printing, posting, etc.)
  • Improved payment cycle through quicker receipt and reduced processing error rates. This means invoices can be processed and approved automatically in the Council’s finance system.
  • The ability to view the status of your invoice and payment through our supplier portal

To use the e-Invoicing solution your invoice must quote a valid Purchase Order number to be processed. The Council’s valid Purchase Order numbers are eight-digits long and start with the number 5. Invoices that do not quote a valid Purchase Order number sent to creditors@bcpcouncil.gov.uk will not be processed.

Please also note the below requirements for suppliers who use the e-Invoicing solution:

a) The invoice file format e-mailed to the Council is text based PDF or .tiff. 

b) Only one invoice per attachment that is emailed to the Council. Invoices can be single or multiple pages

c) Multiple attachments can be added to each email (i.e. multiple invoices). Total size limit of attachments per email is 10MB

d) PDF documents supplied should have no security restrictions or be Read Only

e) An email subject is not required but if a subject is used, then the underscore ( _ ) character should not be used as this is reserved for system routing rules

If the invoice that you intend to submit meets the requirements outlined above (a to e) and references a valid Purchase Order number, please email your invoice in PDF or .tiff format to:


If you have an invoice to submit to the Council that does not reference a valid Purchase Order number, please email it to creditors@bcpcouncil.gov.uk ensuring that the invoice states clearly the name of the Council Officer that instructed your supply. Any invoices that do not state the Council Officer’s name will be returned to you as disputed.

Please email creditors@bcpcouncil.gov.uk with any queries you have regarding your invoice or payment.

Supplier Portal

The Council’s Finance system also provides a Supplier Portal where you can view your Purchase Orders. You can check the status of invoices and payments. Please see the guide below on how to access and use our Supplier Portal to view orders, invoices and payments.

Good Invoicing Practice

Please ensure that you read the Supplier guide, ‘Good Invoicing Practice’ below. This guide outlines what we require on an invoice in order to ensure there is no delay in processing.

If your company doesn't have a invoice template, we have provided a template you can fill in below.

Paper invoices should be e-mailed in a PDF format to the Council’s Creditors department (creditors@bcpcouncil.gov.uk).

Access to P2P for Suppliers