Health And Safety For Businesses

We help businesses make sure they put safety first

We make sure businesses make every effort to prevent injury in the work place.

We provide advice, investigate serious complaints and accidents, and help prevent further harm.

Find more information on health and safety at work on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website.

Enforcing authorities

We’re responsible for health and safety in the following types of workplaces. Everything else is dealt with by the HSE:

  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Catering services
  • The provision of permanent or temporary residential accommodation (for example, care homes, caravan sites)
  • Consumer services provided in a shop (with exceptions)
  • Coin-operated launderettes
  • Cosmetic and therapeutic services (including tattooing, body piercing, electrolysis, acupuncture, massage, nails bars, hairdressing, etc.)
  • The practice or presentation of the arts, sports, games, entertainment or other cultural or recreational activities (with exceptions)
  • The hiring out of pleasure crafts for use on in-land waters
  • The care, treatment, accommodation or exhibition of animals (with exceptions)
  • The activities of an undertaker except embalming or making coffins
  • Church worship or religious meetings
  • The provision of childcare or playgroup or nursery facilities

Making a complaint

We carry out an investigation where serious or significant personal injury is likely. We make sure we see the people who are exposed to the greatest risk to their health or safety first.

Please use our feedback form to report a health and safety issue.

We also have more information regarding whistleblowing available.

Read our Health and Safety Complaints and Incident Investigation Policy for more information about how we deal with complaints.