Prepare Yourself For Emergencies

Resources to help you quickly prepare for the hazards and threats that may affect you

Personal preparation

There are some simple things you can do like think about where you would stay and how you would get there if you couldn't stay at home.

Put together a grab bag of things to take with you in an emergency like important documents, medicines, bank cards and other important possessions.

To help you prepare for an emergency:

Priority Service Register

Interruptions to supplies of water, gas or electricity occur occasionally. When these happen the supplier has a responsibility to safeguard the welfare of vulnerable people and to provide help as soon as possible.

If you, your family or friends are eligible (check with your suppliers), please consider registering as a Priority Service Customer. Here is some information to help you.

Electricity suppliers

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

You can check if you are eligible and join the Priority Services Register if you: 

How to register for our Priority Services

  • Telephone - 0800 294 3259 and register over the phone. 
  • Complete the Priority Services online form.
  • If you use a text phone, you can register by calling 0800 316 5457                        

Gas suppliers


Telephone Customer Careline on 0800 975 1818 to find out more.

Water suppliers

Bournemouth Water

You can check if you are eligible and join the Bournemouth Water Priority Services Register

Or telephone Customer Service on 01202 590059

Wessex Water Plc

You can check if you are eligible and join the Wessex Water Priority Service Register.