Local Offer

Our Local Offer's for families and carers of children up to 25 years old with special educational needs

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Concerned That My Child Has Special Educational Needs

How can I get extra help so my child or young person reaches their academic potential?

About Bournemouth's Local Offer

Find out what the Local Offer is all about, who it's for and how to make the most of your Local Offer

Local Offer Feedback

We're keen to hear what works well and how we can improve our Local Offer information, so please tell us what you think.

What Happens When

Read about what's involved in a range of different situations you might find yourself in if your child has special education needs or disabilities

Advice & Support

Find out about the different types of advice and support that's available for you and your family

Education, Health & Care Plans

EHCP replaced Statement of Special Educational Need for children and young people with special education needs and disabilities

SEND Special Provision Capital Fund

Find out what the SEND Special Provision Capital Fund is all about, and how this may be allocated to projects in Bournemouth.

Education For Children With Special Educational Needs

Whether your child goes to mainstream school or a special school you can find out more about education here

Health & Wellbeing

We're working with other local authorities to set out everything available in Bournemouth and other areas for children and young people with SEN


Find out about Direct Payments, Personal Budgets and how SEN support is paid for in schools

Short Breaks

Our short breaks scheme is for families of disabled children up to 18 years old who live in Bournemouth

Care & Caring

Social care services for all ages and respite options for children and young people in Bournemouth

Becoming An Adult

Find out more about services and information to help over 16s with things like leaving school and living independently


Find out about activities for children and young people in Bournemouth

Tell Us About

This is the place to find out how to leave feedback, make a complaint, or appeal against a decision regarding your child's SEN services

How Providers Can Advertise Their SEND Services

If you are a provider of services to SEND children and /or young people (0-25years) you can use the SEND directory to promote your services.