Comments And Complaints

This is your chance to give us your feedback

Your feedback is very important to us. Knowing what you think or want helps us improve our services.

We realise that there may be times when you are unhappy with a service or you just might want to make a comment about how we can improve it.

Library services

All library services are managed for us by the Borough of Poole. If you have a compliment, complaint or comment relating to our Library service, please direct them to Borough of Poole

How to make a Compliment, Complaint or Comment 

  • Completing our online Comments, Compliments and Complaints form
  • Complete the ‘Your Voice’ Compliments, Comments and Complaints Form available from any Council office
  • Contact the relevant department. Please use the A-Z to locate the department’s contact details

We have separate complaint procedures for:

Complaints are dealt with in the fairest way using set stages

Once we receive your complaint we will send you an acknowledgement within 3 working days.

Our complaints process follows three stages.  If you’re not happy with how your complaint has been dealt with you can move to the next stage.

At each stage we will respond to you within 10 working days of our acknowledgement.

  • The service unit, this is the area you are complaining about.
  • The service director, this is the head of that area.
  • The executive director, this is the person in charge of all the service directors.

Let us know if we have: 

  • Neglected or delayed something
  • Failed to tell people about their rights
  • Failed to follow agreed policies or procedures
  • Provided misleading information
  • Shown inefficient or poor professional conduct

The relevant Service Unit will investigate your complaint and try to resolve the complaint as soon as possible. 

Local Government Ombudsman

If you are still unhappy after this you can take your complaint to the Local Government ombudsman 

If you are a council tenant complaining about your housing you need to go to the housing ombudsman