Lost and Found Property

We only deal with lost property found in taxis

We want to reunite all lost property with its owners, but we only handle property found in taxis. When you make a report, we’ll do our best to match you to your property.

When taxi owners find any lost property in their vehicles, they hand it in to our Customer Service office.

If you haven’t lost your item in a taxi, you need to call the local police. You can report your lost property by calling their non-emergency number, 01202 222222. 

I’ve lost something in a taxi. What do I do?

You can report your lost item online.

If your lost items are handed in, we will contact you at once..

We also recommend you contact the police. Taxi drivers check their vehicles after each fare, but a small item could be overlooked. Another passenger may have found your belongings and handed them into the police. 

What happens when my lost property is handed in?

Once found by the taxi owner, it usually takes 48 hours for lost property to arrive at our office.

We only hold lost property for three months. We send personal forms of identification such as passports and driving licences back to their issuing authorities after a day.