A Guide To Your Council Tax

We provide a guide with council tax bills to explain our budgets and spending plans for your local services

Read the 2018/2019 Guide to Your Council Tax

Read the 2018/2019 Your bill explained (this forms part of your bill)   


Council Tax leaflet summary

2018/19 Council Tax leaflet summary and translation options

Police and Fire Council Tax Precepts

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner and Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service use funds raised from Council Tax to support their services.

How Is Council Tax Calculated?

How we work out how much Council Tax we need to collect

Our Budget

Our gross and net budget for 2017/18 and for 2018/19

This Year's Council Tax Increase Explained

Why has this year's Council Tax gone up?

Proposed Capital Expenditure

How much we intend to spend on capital projects in key service areas in 2018/2019