Do you pay by Direct Debit?

Details of the changes for 2019/20

What appears on your bank statement is changing

Due to the change of councils across Dorset, you may see a few changes as Bournemouth Borough Council will no longer collect your Direct Debit. Instead you will see ‘BCP Council’ appear on your bank statement. You do not need to do anything. You can find more information about our change of name.  

Is your Direct Debit usually paid on 8th or 22nd?

If you previously paid by Direct Debit on the 8th or the 22nd of the month, your payment date has changed. The 8th of the month will now be taken on 15th and the 22nd of the month will now be taken on 25th. For more information, please download the relevant letter below.

(If you pay by Direct Debit on 1st or 15th of the month, nothing is changing.)

8th of the month payment date

22nd of the month payment date

If this change is not acceptable, you can change the date of your Direct Debit by completing the electronic form