See Your Account Online

You can view your account by using our Online Portal

You can use our online portal to see your account information. You’ll be able to access information about your: 

  • Housing Benefit
  • Council Tax Support
  • Council Tax Liabilities
  • Business Rates Liabilities

Your account information has details about the payments sent to you, when your next payment is due and what your rates are.


Not Registered?

To register, you will need to provide proof of identification for security. We'll post your user ID and send the password via secure email.

You can register online or print and complete an application form.

Are you a landlord?

If we currently pay you Housing Benefit directly for your tenant/s you can view a summary of their award (not their personal financial circumstances) and a breakdown of recently issued payments. You can also see any Council Tax or Business rates accounts in your name.

Need more help?

Try one of our deskaids Council Tax, Business Rates, Benefit/Support or Landlord.

If you have any problems accessing your records, or have any comments that you would like to share, please contact us.