Council Tax


Council Tax goes towards the local emergency services and council services. What you pay depends on the value of your house but you may be eligible for discounts or exemptions depending upon your circumstances. You can pay your Council Tax bill online. Read our Privacy Statement.

Watch out for Council Tax scams, don't be a victim

About Council Tax

Paying council tax is a legal requirement for domestic properties in the UK. It goes towards paying for local emergency services.

Council Tax Support

You can apply for Council Tax support if you are on a low income and are liable to pay Council Tax.  

How Much is Council Tax?

The amount of council tax you need to pay depends on what council tax band your property is in.

Are you moving house?

If you need to tell us that you have moved into, changed address within or moved out of Bournemouth, you will find the forms here.

Exemptions and Discounts

Some properties are exempt from paying council tax. We can also give discounts off council tax if you’re disabled or live alone.

Empty Homes Review

We are currently reviewing empty Council Tax properties, in support of the government’s initiative to tackle the shortfall in national housing.