Exemptions and Discounts

Some properties are exempt from paying council tax, such as unoccupied properties or student houses. If you live alone or with someone who is exempt, we can give you a discount. You can see who is exempt from council tax and who can have a discount here.

Information and Apply For a Discount or Exemption

Some properties are exempt from paying council tax. Find out and apply for discounts and exemptions or tell us about changes to your circumstances

Appealing Your Liability, Discount or Exemption

You can appeal against a decision made about your council tax liability, discount or exemption

Which Properties Are Exempt From Council Tax?

Certain types of property are exempt from paying council tax. You can find out what types they are here.

Who are Disregarded Persons?

Disregarded Persons don't pay council tax for a number of reasons. The most common are children under 18 and the disabled.



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