Council Tax Exemption - Disregarded Categories

Some people or properties are ignored when we work out Council Tax

When child benefit is still in payable

People under 18 years old are not included in Council Tax calculations. Some people stay at school after their 18th birthday but are ignored because they are entitled to have child benefit claimed for them. The following conditions apply:-

  • the person who you are claiming child benefit for must be at least 18 years old
  • someone must be entitled to claim child benefit for that person or be entitled to claim child benefit but the child is in local authority care. 

People over 18 (but under 20) who have left school or college

People under 20 years old who have left school or college courses after 30th April will not affect the Council Tax until the following November. If a property is only occupied by school or college leavers it will be exempt from Council Tax during the six month period.

Read more about student exemption

Property occupied only by people under 18

A property occupied only by people under 18 years old is exempt from Council Tax. Evidence will need to be supplied to confirm their ages.

How is my bill affected?

  • If all but one person are disregarded, the bill is reduced by 25%.
  • If all the occupiers are disregarded the bill is reduced by 50%
  • If two adults live at the property who are not disregarded, a maximum Council Tax bill is payable


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