Council Tax - Single Person Discount

If you live on your own you can claim a 25% discount

Council Tax liability is based on a person’s sole or main place of residence. 

This means that a person is treated as living permanently at the property that is their main home even during periods that they may be temporarily staying elsewhere. Certain people are not be included when counting the number of adults resident in a property. 

If you live on your own, you can claim a 25% discount.

If you no longer qualify for example if someone moves in or someone in your household turns 18. You are required by law to advise us within 21 days  If you do not advise us about a change that affects a discount, you may receive an amended bill and a £70 penalty charge. End your single person discount

Single Person Discount review

If you've received a letter asking you to confirm you are still eligible for single person discount, please complete the SPD review form.