Council Tax Bands and Charges

The Valuation Office places all properties into a valuation band. The amount of Council Tax you pay depends upon your property band

From 1 April 2021, residents in the BCP Council area will pay a standard Council Tax rate for their property band. Historically, the amount of Council Tax you paid for your council services differed, based on whether you live in Bournemouth, Christchurch or Poole.

The process of reaching equal levels of Council Tax is known as ‘harmonisation’. Council Tax harmonisation means that residents in the same band, now contribute the same amount for council services.

Council Tax is made up of three parts (known as precepts):

  • fire
  • police
  • council.

The list below shows the amount of Council Tax you have to pay in 2021/22, depending upon your property valuation band. 

What is my valuation band?

Your Council Tax bill shows which band your property is in. You can also view Council Tax Bands for all domestic properties in Bournemouth (and the whole of England and Wales) as provided by the Valuation Office.

Bands and Charges of the other BCP areas

BCP unparished area 2021/22 bands and charges

 BCP unparished areaBCP CouncilPoliceFireBournemouth Charter TrusteeTotalProportion of Band D

Band A


170.39 51.92 1.59 1,251.61 6/9

Band B


198.78 60.57 1.86 1,460.21 7/9

Band C


227.18 69.23 2.12 1,668.82 8/9

Band D


255.58 77.88 2.39 1,877.42 9/9

Band E



95.19 2.92 2,294.63 11/9
Band F 2,226.71 369.17 112.49 3.45 2,711.82 13/9
Band G 2,569.28 425.97 129.80 3.98 3,129.03 15/9
Band H 3,083.14 511.16 155.76 4.78 3,754.84 18/9

Parish: Throop and Holdenhurst Village Council bands and charges 2021/22

 Band Charge
A 1273.31
B 1485.52
C 1697.75
D 1909.96
E 2334.40
F 2758.82
G 3183.27
H 3819.92

For details of this parish, please view the council minutes.

View Bournemouth Council Tax bands and charges for 2020/21.

Disputing your Valuation Band

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) decides the Council Tax Bands for all domestic properties in Bournemouth. You can ask them to check your Council Tax Band or challenge your Council Tax Band