Other Organisations And Help

Other organisations who provide help and advice about Housing Benefits and Council Tax 

We aren’t the only people who know about Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Reduction. Below are a few of the other agencies you can contact for advice and support. 

Citizens’ Advice Bureau

You can get Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Reduction application forms as well as independent benefits advice from the Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB).

Advice centres like the Citizens' Advice Bureau and law centres can represent you and help you to understand the reasons for decisions about Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Reduction. They may be able to help you fill in forms or to write a letter.

You can also find a solicitor. They can give you advice as well as represent you. 

The Valuation Office Agency

If you want to find out more about your property’s rateable value or council tax band, speak to the Valuation Office Agency.

Department for Work & Pensions

You can get application forms and more information about other benefits from the appropriate Central Government Offices (Department for Work & Pensions and the Jobcentre Plus)

Tax Credits

If you are employed you may be eligible to receive Tax Credits. For more information about Tax Credits, you can contact HM Revenue and Customs