Support Calculator

Get an idea of what benefits you could claim

An online Benefit Calculator can be used as a guide to your potential Housing Benefit or Local Council Tax Support entitlement.

What information would help to complete the calculation?

It would help the calculations if you have your last two monthly pay slips (or five weekly pay slips), any pension details, and details of any other pension or income available. 

For a Local Council Tax Support calculation

It would help to have details of your Council Tax liability for your address. It’s easier to use your Council Tax account, but you can check your Council Tax gross amount by using your postcode. The gross amount doesn’t consider any discounts, exemptions or reductions though, so it’s better to use your liability. 

For a Housing Benefit calculation

You should have the maximum eligible rent at hand. It’s either:

  • Your net rent if you’re a housing association tenant.
  • Your local housing allowance rate applicable to your circumstances and your address. 

Will the amount calculated be the amount that I can claim?

The calculated amount is an estimate. Don’t make a decision on the calculator without asking the Housing Benefit & Local Council Tax Support office for confirmation. 

Other Benefit Calculators

You can check whether you qualify for additional financial support by using a Government Benefit Calculator. Which checks the number of benefits and tax credits you may be able to claim.