Who Can Apply for Council Tax Support?

If you are liable to pay Council Tax you may apply for a Council Tax Support to reduce your bill

You can apply for Council Tax Support if you are on a low income and are liable to pay Council Tax 

The amount of support that you receive will depend on your household and financial circumstances.  If you have reached State Pension Credit Age and do not qualify for a Council Tax Support because your income or savings are too high, you might still get some help if others living in your household are on low incomes.                                      

Council Tax Support is not awarded to you automatically - you must claim it.  To see how much you may be entitled to use our benefit calculator.

If you already receive Council Tax Support and are still struggling to pay your remaining Council tax you may be eligible for some help in the form of a discretionary hardship payment.  

You must not withhold payment or part payment of Council Tax while awaiting the outcome of your application. 

View the Council Tax Support schemes below

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