Periodic Electoral Review

Ensuring electoral equality in Bournemouth

The Local Government Commission regularly reviews each local authority in England. The main purpose of the review is to make sure the ratio of councillors to electors is the same in each ward. This is called electoral equality. 

The review is then sent to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions. The Commission may recommend we make changes our electoral plans, such as: 

  • The number of councillors that can be elected to the council
  • The number and boundaries of wards
  • The number of councillors that can be elected for each ward
  • The name of a ward

The Periodic Electoral Review for Bournemouth began on 28 November 2000.

The Commission published its final suggestions on 11 December 2001. 

A statutory order was made in July 2002, creating new boundaries for Bournemouth’s May 2003 elections.

The Kinson and West Howe wards were renamed Kinson North and Kinson South, respectively.

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