Housing With Support

Finding you somewhere to live and help you with your disability

Housing with Support gives you a safe place to live and helps you be independent. We can support you with your everyday activities and help you to get involved in the community.

To apply, you need to be on the Council's housing list. The Community Support Team offers housing related support and makes referrals through Housing Support.

You can also ask your social worker to get in touch with us.


Housing associations provide Housing with Support. They can be in a flat, house or bungalow. It’s possible to share with other people.

You have a tenancy with your own room. You share the living spaces, such as the kitchen, dining room, lounge and bathroom with your housemates. You all look after the spaces together.


We help you with everyday tasks that you may find difficult because of your disability. These tasks include:

  • Shopping for food and preparing meals
  • Doing housework
  • Managing money and benefits
  • Dealing with letters
  • Managing your medication

We also help you with public services such as:

  • Buses
  • Health services
  • Leisure centre
  • Libraries
  • Learning opportunities

How you pay

We fund your Housing with Support with Housing Benefit and your own money. We can help you apply for other benefits that can help you pay for your housing.