Independent Senior Living

If living on your own is getting harder, it may be time to consider moving into a home that can offer more support

Independent Senior Living keeps your independence while you benefit from the safety and security of knowing support is at hand when you need it.

Our specially adapted homes are comfortable and easy to manage. Each is fitted with an emergency Careline call system for fast access to help at any time of day or night.

Support to suit your needs

We have several types of accommodation available:

  • Category 1 homes just have the Careline emergency call system
  • Category 2 homes have Careline system and a Housing Officer who visits on weekdays
  • Our Extra Care schemes offer more support for frail elderly people and dementia sufferers.  There are fully trained care staff onsite and a central restaurant

The level of support you get is reviewed annually, or if your needs change. This means you’ll be offered any extra help you may need after an illness or a stay in hospital.

Independent Senior Living accommodation offers shared facilities such as a lounge, garden and laundry. There are also organised activities to give you a chance to meet your neighbours.

How to apply

If you feel Independent Senior Living would be right for you or an elderly relative, you need to join the Housing Register. You can join online.

If you are already one of our tenants but your needs have changed there are incentives available for downsizing to a smaller property. Get in touch with your Housing Officer to find out more.