Rent A Garage

Due to high demand and a long waiting list, we have closed the waiting list to new applicants

Our garages are suitable for parking a car. They are not designed to be watertight or provide secure storage. You should not keep petrol or anything flammable in your garage.

You're not allowed to sublet your garage to anyone else. A garage must not be used for commercial activities.

If you don’t need your garage anymore

Give us a week’s notice, leave it empty and swept clean to make sure you get your deposit back.

You can rent a plot or base site and erect your own garage for a cheaper rental cost.

We have garages in

  • Bear Cross
  • Boscombe
  • Charminster
  • East Howe
  • High Howe
  • Kinson
  • Slades Farm
  • Southbourne
  • Springbourne
  • Strouden Park
  • Townsend
  • West Howe
  • Wallisdown
  • Winton

We only have a limited number of garages in some areas which do not become available very often.

Paying the rent

You’ll be asked to set up a direct debit to pay rent for your garage or plot. If you do not pay your rent we will write to you. If you don't respond we'll end your tenancy and change the locks on your unit. Anything you leave behind will be disposed of.