Contaminated Land

This includes contamination from industrial activity, spillages or leaks of dangerous substances and landfill sites

For a site to be designated contaminated there has to be clear evidence of a contaminating substance affecting people, animals, plants, water sources or buildings.

If there’s contamination but no way for it to come in to contact with any of the things listed above, or it’s not enough to cause harm then we wouldn’t declare the site contaminated land.

Find out if you live near or are going to buy contaminated land

If you’d like to know about the land your property is on or you’re about to buy a house you can request an environmental search.  You can request a search from our Environment & Pollution team, your solicitor or hire a private company.

We charge £61.00 plus VAT per hour for our searches.

Buying a new house on land with contaminated land conditions attached

You’ll need a ‘remediation certificate’ from the consultant working for your developer to explain what’s been done to make the site suitable for use.  If you can’t get a certificate ask the developer for a copy of their remediation report.

Get in touch with our Environment & Pollution team to check that the contaminated land conditions have been fully met and there are no other issues.

Find out more about contaminated land and related legislation