Disabled Facilities and Relocation Grants

If you’re a disabled resident, we may have a grant to help fund home improvements

Disabled Facilities Grant

A Disabled Facilities Grant can offer up to £30,000 of work to allow disabled residents to live independently in their own homes. You can apply for it if:

  • You are an owner-occupier
  • You are a disabled tenant and your landlord gives permission for alterations
  • You are an owner applying on behalf of a disabled resident

Adult Social Care will assess your application to see whether you qualify. If you are disabled, they may do a test to work out just what help you need and how much grant you are eligible for. If the grant is for a disabled child, they will not be means tested. 

For Adults contact the Adult Social Care Contact Centre on 01202 123654 and for the Child Health and Disability Team contact the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on 01202 123334 to arrange for one of their occupational therapists to visit you to assess your needs or those of your child.

Relocation Grant

If it’s hard to make changes to your home, a Relocation Grant could be more appropriate.

You could get a Relocation Grant if:

  • The changes needed are inconvenient in your current home
  • It’s easier and cost-effective for you to move
  • You or your landlord disagree with the changes we’ve suggested

The grant covers some of the moving costs. This includes solicitor’s fees, estate agent’s fees and removal costs. We consider each application individually. The maximum amount you can apply for is £8,000. If you have to contribute to the costs you will be told when you are means tested.

General terms and conditions

  • Written consent from the owner must be provided agreeing to any work.
  • The work must increase energy efficiency, wherever possible.
  • We will not issue grants for commercial buildings, such as hotels.