Dorset Register of Accredited Landlords (DRAL)

The DRAL is an index of private landlords who are accredited by a nationally recognised scheme
Joining the DRAL is fast and easy, you just need to register with one of the following schemes:

Then complete your application form which should include a list of the rental properties you own, submit it to and that's it! We will then send you your certificate which you can display, confirming your membership.

We maintain a database of all accredited landlords on the Dorset Register

To keep your accredited status, remember to log any modules or training events you attend within your ‘Continued Professional Development’ record.

Benefits for landlords

Accreditation with a national scheme will give you access to online development modules and courses, as well as opportunities to attend seminars, landlord liaison meetings and information days. 

As a Bournemouth-based landlord, joining the DRAL has the following extra benefits:

  • Discounted HMO licence fees
  • Grants for insulation work
  • Invitation to accredited CPD training

If you would like more information please get in touch.