The Gas Safe Register

Check that your engineer is on the Gas Safe Register before they start work

All the gas engineers we employ are Gas Safe Registered.

If you arrange for a private gas engineer to work on your non-council owned appliances, make sure they’re on the Gas Safe register. Make a note of the licence number from their Gas SFE ID card, and always keep hold of any receipts or documents they give you.

When your engineer arrives they should show you their official Gas Safe ID card before starting work in your home. 

Call Gas Safe on 0800 408 5500 or check the Gas Safe website to find registered engineers working in your area.

What to look for on a Gas Safe ID card

The front of each card should have:

  • A photo
  • A start date and expiry date
  • A license number
  • A security hologram

The back of the card should include information on:

  • The kind of work they are qualified to do such as, cooker, boiler or gas fire maintenance.
  • Their qualifications

If you are in any doubt you can check the engineer is on the Gas Safe register call Gas Safe to make sure or use the online check an engineer service.

Engineers must be on the Gas Safe register to legally perform gas work. If you suspect a gas fitter is working without a proper license, please call the Gas Safe Register to report them. You can also use the online service for reporting an illegal gas fitter.