Lodgers & Subletting

Taking in a lodger or subletting space in your council home

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You have the right to take in a lodger as long as you have enough room and do not make your home overcrowded. You don’t need to get our permission.

Your lodger will not have the same rights as you, and they must leave when you move out.

If you receive Housing or Council Tax Benefit you must notify them as soon as anyone else moves into your home. Having a lodger may affect your entitlement to Housing and Council Tax benefits.

You might not be entitled to a Council Tax discount if you are no longer the only adult living in your home.


Subletting means that someone pays you rent to have the private use of a part of your home. You need to get our written permission before you can sublet any part of your home.  

You cannot sublet your home to another person and move out of the property. If you move out, your tenancy will no longer be secure. This means you will lose your rights as a secure tenant and we will take legal action to recover possession of your home.

Unlawful subletting is a criminal offence.