Repairs And Maintenance

We have a Repairs Centre Helpdesk to help keep homes in good condition

Coronavirus (COVID-19): change to service

On advice from the government regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have changed the way we are delivering some of our services

See further information about changes to other services.

Our tenants can use our Repairs Centre Helpdesk to report work that needs to be done at home. Some repairs are our responsibility and some are yours. If we carry out repairs that are your responsibility we will charge you. A handy repairs guide is available.

To report a repair, please use our repairs form on this page. The Repairs Centre Helpdesk will log the repair and contact you with an appointment. Please do not use this form to report emergencies, information for reporting emergencies is available further down the page.

We offer “all day appointments” as standard, meaning you will need to wait in on the day of your appointment until we are able to visit you. Where possible, we can also offer you more convenient appointment slots if you have work, hospital or childcare commitments, just mention this when calling to report your repair.

We also offer a text message service to all customers who have a mobile phone, you will receive three messages to help remind you about your repair appointment:

  • an appointment confirmation after you have reported the repair
  • a reminder on the afternoon before your scheduled appointment
  • an ‘en route’ message to let you know that a member of staff is on their way to your address.

To receive this service please make sure we have your latest contact details and note the sender details will appear as MTC APPT on your mobile phone.

Emergency repairs

Report emergency repairs 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 01202 123200. For example:

  • your home is not secure
  • you have no heating or hot water (November to April only)
  • you have a serious water leak
  • your only toilet does not flush
  • you have lost your electricity or water supply
  • you have dangerous electrics
  • you have blocked drains.

Please make sure your repair is an emergency before requesting a call out. You will be charged for non-emergency out of hours calls, and repairs that are not our responsibility.

Urgent or emergency calls will be dealt with on the day of reporting. Please stay at home until our engineer arrives, they will be with you as soon as possible.