Get Involved

Help us find out how our housing service can be improved. You could help check the services we provide and influence our plans for the future

Please contact Resident Involvement or call 01202 458314 to find out more.    

How you can get involved

New!! - Flat Block Champions

Do you want to be an extra pair of "eyes and ears" by helping our Service Charge Officer to monitor the communal cleaning, grounds maintenance and repairs that take place at your flat block?

For more information please contact: or call 01202 458314

Customer satisfaction surveys

If you’re a new tenant or have recently had a repair to your property, an officer may have asked you some questions over the phone about the service. 

Resident Involvement Panels

Our quarterly panels give tenants a chance to look at the results of customer satisfaction surveys. They can discuss with senior officers if they feel we are meeting the local offers and suggest where we need to improve.

All council tenants and leaseholders are welcome to attend.

No special training is required, you just need to be a current council tenant or leaseholder. We may also be able to arrange transport for you to attend.

The most recent minutes are available here:

Repairs and Maintenance

Tenancy and Neighbourhoods

If you would like to see any other notes of meetings, please contact us.

Reading and Communications Panel

Sometimes we ask tenants and leaseholders to read through a document (for example a proposed new leaflet or brochure). We ask them to tell us what they think and to check it's resident friendly and written in plain English.

Members of this panel are contacted via email. If you are interested in helping us please contact us with your email address.

Task and Finish Groups

We occasionally invite tenants along to some smaller group meetings to look at improvements, one project at a time.

Home News

Home News is our magazine for tenants and leaseholders. There are sometimes discussion groups about the magazine. You may also want to send Home News an article.

Annual Report to Tenants

This is now included in our Home News magazine. It is our opportunity to tell you how we are performing, celebrate our achievements and highlight where and how we need to improve. We hope you find it a helpful snapshot of the past year.

Annual Residents' Meeting - 27th November 2019

This year the Annual residents meeting will take place from 2pm to 4pm following a celebration of 100 years of council housing in partnership with Poole Housing Partnership, which takes the form of a party tea starting at 12 noon.  To book a place please call 01202 458314.