Your Council Tenancy

When you live in a council house or flat, you become a council tenant. Your Tenancy Advice Team is your first point of contact. We can help with anything to do with your tenancy or rent.

Get In Touch With Your Tenancy Advice Team

Do you have a query about a change to your tenancy or are not sure who to talk to about a neighbourhood issue.

Get Involved

We want to know how our housing services can be improved, and with your help, we can do this. You can also see housing survey results.

Your Tenancy

Information about issuing, changing and ending tenancy agreements.

Paying Your Rent

Find out about the different ways you, as a tenant, can pay your rent as a council tenant. Online, by direct debit or other options available.

Anti-Social Behaviour

People experiencing any type of anti-social behaviour as or from our tenants should make a complaint. We can then help resolve the problem.

Home News

Home News is a publication which is developed by us, for council tenants and leaseholders. You can find information about services you receive.

Right to Buy

Find out how tenants can get discounts to help them buy their home using the Right to Buy scheme.

Home Contents Insurance

We do not insure your home contents such as furniture, belongings or decorations against theft, fire, vandalism or burst pipes.