Moving to Bournemouth

Things to think about before choosing to move here

Bournemouth is a popular place to live, work and study, we've got a thriving economy, good schools and universities and beautiful scenery. 

How do I find a place to live in Bournemouth?

More and more people want to buy and rent property in Bournemouth. We want to help new movers and current residents to find the right place to live.

There are numerous estate agents in Bournemouth, as well as a weekly property list published in the Daily Echo.


For information on school admissions and regulations, please visit our Schools Information pages.

Social Care

We’re responsible for providing adult social care to our residents. The Adult Social Care Contact Centre can arrange help if you are vulnerable and require care.


We advertise jobs with the council on this website and on the Bournemouth Echo website.

Council Tax

When living in Bournemouth, you need to pay council tax. Find out how much you need to pay by looking at Council Tax bands.

Business rates

Businesses in Bournemouth have to pay business rates. You can find more information on our business rates by checking with the valuation office.