Licensable Houses in Multiple Occupation

In addition to the requirements for single dwellings, HMO landlords are required to provide safety certificates for the electrical installation, fire alarm system. Also any emergency lights and fire extinguishers there may be in the property. 

The standards for licensable HMOs are more prescriptive than for non-licensable ones.  The requirements are dictated by Statutory Instruments (SIs) laid before Parliament.  The SIs that govern licensable HMOs are:

The Licensing and Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation and Other Houses. (Miscellaneous Provisions) (England) 2006


The Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation. (Additional Provisions ) (England) Regulations 2007.

Individual local authorities are able to be slightly flexible with the required standards. This would, however, depend on the size, age, layout and the way each individual property is occupied.

A guide for amenity standards in all HMOs is also available.

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