Selective Licensing Consultation

Boscombe East, Boscombe West and East Cliff and Springbourne

Consultation is now closed

Our consultation ran from 9th January 2017 until 1st May 2017 and is now closed.

You can read the findings of the Selective Licensing consultation in the Full Consultation Report. Following review of the consultation findings, a decision was made not to progress with a Selective Licensing scheme at this time but to develop a Targeted Enforcement programme to address issues relating to the Private Rented Sector.

The proposal was approved at a Cabinet meeting on the 8th November 2017. Full details of the proposals can be found in the Cabinet meeting papers for 8 November 2017. 

Why was Selective Licensing being proposed in this area

Bournemouth has an increasing private rented housing sector and for the majority of the Bournemouth area this provides valuable accommodation for residents who don’t want to or are unable to own their own home. Boscombe West has the highest percentage of privately rented accommodation in Bournemouth at 62.3%.

In East Cliff and Springbourne the percentage of private rented accommodation is 47% and in Boscombe East it is 35%. 

In areas within Boscombe East, Boscombe West and East Cliff and Springbourne however, there is concern not only about the quality of some of the housing in the private rented sector but also around the levels of anti-social behaviour, crime and deprivation which the Council believes is directly linked to some of this accommodation.

Consultation documents