Selective Licensing Consultation

Boscombe East, Boscombe West and East Cliff and Springbourne

The Housing Act 2004 gives councils the power to introduce Selective Licensing schemes for privately rented properties in selected areas for a period of up to five years. The council can designate the whole or any part or parts of its area as subject to Selective Licensing.

The purpose of such a scheme is to improve standards of property management in the private rented sector. If a landlord rents a property in a Selective Licensing area they will need to obtain a licence from the council, subject to certain exemptions.

The licence will require landlords to manage their properties in accordance with conditions that the council specifies; failure to do so could lead to enforcement action. Bournemouth Borough Council proposes to introduce a Selective Licensing scheme in the Boscombe East, Boscombe West and East Cliff and Springbourne areas of the town.

Why is Selective Licensing being proposed in this area

Bournemouth has an increasing private rented housing sector and for the majority of the Bournemouth area this provides valuable accommodation for residents who don’t want to or are unable to own their own home. Boscombe West has the highest percentage of privately rented accommodation in Bournemouth at 62.3%.

In East Cliff and Springbourne the percentage of private rented accommodation is 47% and in Boscombe East it is 35%. 

In areas within Boscombe East, Boscombe West and East Cliff and Springbourne however, there is concern not only about the quality of some of the housing in the private rented sector but also around the levels of anti-social behaviour, crime and deprivation which the Council believes is directly linked to some of this accommodation.


The consultation is now closed

Consultation is a legal requirement and must take place before designating an area subject to Selective Licensing. It should include local residents – tenants, landlords and managing agents, members of the community who live in or operate businesses or services in the designated area and local residents and businesses in the surrounding area who will be affected.

Our consultation ran from 9th January 2017 until 1st May 2017 and is now closed.

What happens next?

All comments received will be fully considered. The results of the consultation will be published and made available on our website. This feedback will be in the form of a summary of the responses received during the stakeholder consultation.

A report will be produced which will summarise the responses and take them into account when formulating a recommendation on the proposed Selective Licensing scheme to a council Cabinet meeting in 2017.

Consultation documents

Am I in the proposed Selective Licensing Area?

The area marked on this map is the Selective Licensing area being considered.


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