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"Seen on the Street" theme for May Poetry Wall

Poetry Wall May theme

Seen on the Street? Street scene? Share a poem - any style and any aspect on the May topic.

Poems have been submitted by Judy Clegg, Raymond Pike and Rob Bury


Email: admin@bournemouthlibraries.org.uk


Previously on the Poetry Wall

Poetry on the "Showcase!" theme for March/April

Judy Clegg, Sophie Griffiths, James Manlow, Miriam Troth, Rob Bury, Karen Lawson, Shaifali Gupta and Tom Murphy

In February local poets wrote about love and belonging

Celebrating love of books 'Holy Land' poem by Rachel Wilson

Poems of love and belonging by James Manlow, Miriam Troth, Rob Bury and Phillip de Wavrin

January -  Beginnings

Beginnings poems by Sophie Griffiths, Ray Wills, Tom Murphy, Brian Boddy, Ruth Bainton, Jason du Toit and Anne Cooke

December - Happiness

Happiness poems by  Karen E Lawman, James Manlow, Ray Wills, R J A Pike, Tom Murphy, Rob Bury and Jill Barr

November - Noir poems of drama, thrills & tragedy

 Noir Poetry for November by Tom Murphy, Jane Skellett and Rob Bury

October - Visions & Voyages

Vision & Voyages poems by Judy Clegg, Jane Skellett, Ray Wills, Patricia Taylor, Karen E Lawman and Tom Murphy

 August & September - Sound & Rhythm

Sound and Rhythm Poems by Tom Murphy, Ray Wills and James Manlow

July - Unity and Division

Unity and Division Poems by  Marcia Thomarel, Judy Clegg, James Sale, Patricia Taylor, Pauline Price, Karen E Lawman, Teresa Barton, Jane Skellett and Ray Wills

May and June - Freedom

Freedom poems  by Ray Wills, Steve Annandale, R J A Pike, Teresa Barton, Pauline Price, Tina Stone, Patricia Taylor and Anne Peterson

April - Together in the weather

Together in the Weather poems  by Ollie, Ray Pike, Pauline Price, Ray Wills, Mike Davies, James Sale and Patricia Taylor.

March -  Wildcard!

Wildcard Poems  by Patricia Taylor, Raymond Wills, Karen E Lawman, Teresa Barton, Pauline Price and Sophie Griffiths


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