What is Single Sign On?

And why should I care?

Single Sign On is a new 'add on' for libraries that's just like special FX for a movie - if it does its job properly you won't know it's there! Single Sign On is designed to make using your library digitally even easier.

One login gets you signed into your library account and all the eResources you get access to with your library card for free. Many of these resources aren't on the Internet and traditionally you have to sign in to each one again and again, and again…

Single Sign On is designed to make using your library digitally even easier

If you've used Google ID to simultaneously sign in to your Gmail, YouTube, G+ and … then it’s a bit like that 1

Libraries in Bournemouth are the first public library to trial the new technology - most of our publishers already work with Single Sign On, the others are working to get ready

Show me how it works -


 Is it Secret? Is it Safe?

No personal data leaves the library system. Single Sign On tells the other electronic resources only that the customer is a current customer (and potentially whether they are an adult or a child).

Where can I use Single Sign On?

You can use Single Sign On anywhere you can connect to the internet, with your library card. The system is also being piloted at North Yorkshire Libraries and Solihull.


1 When you sign into your library account, none of your personal details  are passed on to third parties.