Reminder Service

Coronavirus (COVID-19): change to service

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A reminder service for your loans and requests

Our reminder service will send you an email before your books become overdue. The service is called Library Elf. It's free to register, you'll just need your library card number. Visit the Library Elf website to see how it works and to find out more.

Show your items out in your iCal calendar

Now you can see your items out in any iCal-based calendar such as Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar and Apple iCal. This new feature is available for subscriber libraries and individual subscribers.

Sign into your Library Elf account and click "My Account". You will see an iCal iconiCal image - screen reader ignore. Copy the link from the icon (right click on the icon for Windows) and add it to your iCal calendar. Library Elf updates your iCal file on an ongoing basis so you should only need to do this once.

You should now see a note for your items out in your iCal calendar. If you click on the note you will get more details (depends on the view, you may need to go one more layer to get the details). The details shows a list containing the library, user and title of the items out.

Note: be careful that you copy the link of the iCal file rather than the file itself. Otherwise, your calendar won't be able to retrieve the latest updates.