The Music Zone

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Resources to help you learn about and enjoy music

The Music Zone is a music collection at Bournemouth Library. It has a range of resources and includes music from the jazz, folk, classical and rock & pop genres.

The Music Zone provides for the needs of anyone who:

  • Wants to learn to play an instrument, sing and dance
  • Wants to learn more about music and musical events
  • Is studying music from school and beyond
  • Wants to perform as part of an ensemble, choir or orchestra, or solo
  • Wants to learn more about Bournemouth’s musical heritage
  • Wants to buy a music-themed gift

Learn an instrument

Whether you want to play keyboard, guitar, flute, or drums, we have music, books and other resources to support you. We have CDs, DVDs, printed music and books on music. We also subscribe to the Naxos Music Library

One-to-one learning sessions

We have an electronic piano and Sibelius notation software available for practice sessions.

Friends of Bournemouth Music Library

The Friends of Bournemouth Music Library meets on the last Friday of each month.

Music at other libraries

You can get CDs at the following libraries:

Most libraries have a small collection of music scores, books about music and information about musical events.

If you need more information, please get in touch or call 01202 454845.