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Poetry wall theme: "Freedom"

Any style, any approach - you choose

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Poetry wall Freedom autumn 2021

Previously on the Poetry Wall:

August Ending haiku by James Manlow in remembrance of VJ Day

We'll Meet Again - Poems by Paul Canon Harris, Sophie Griffiths, Steve Biddle, Ray Wills and Lesley Cooke

We'll Meet Again Poems by Fiona Wilson, Julia Brazier, Adele Sales and Deirdre Foster

More We'll Meet Again Poems by John Kay and James Manlow

Life in Lockdown- Poems from the collection 'A Bunch of Fives' by Peter John Cooper

Poems by Si Mack Jan 2020

Poems by Paul Canon Harris Jan 2020  

 'Memories' poems on the Wall Dec 2019

 'Memories poems on the Wall Nov 2019

 'Showcase' poems on the Wall Oct 2019

 'Share the World' poems on the Wall

Poems by Jessica Hendy

Winter Harry Potter exhibition theme: Magic of Poetry

Poems by Heather Bowering, Mike Davies, Kathy Sharp, Sophie Griffiths, Tom Murphy, Amanda Baber & Martin Ward.



New poems on the October theme 'Breaking Free' by Heather Bowering, Tom Murphy, Raymond Pike, Anne Gelder, Susan Northcott, Sophie Griffiths and Janet S Rogers.

August - 'Escape'

Ray Pike, Sophie Griffiths, Mike Davies, Susan Northcott, Heather Joy Bowering and Tom Murphy

July -   'Heroes'

Sophie Griffiths, Anne Gelder, Tom Murphy, Susan Northcott, Jane Skellet, Mike Davies and Teresa Barton

June -  Long days or dark nights"

Tom Murphy, Raymond Pike, Karen E Lawman, Rob Bury, Miriam Troth and Sophie Griffiths

May - Seen on the Street/ Street Scene?

Judy Clegg, Raymond Pike, Rob Bury and Tom Murphy

 Poetry on the "Showcase!" theme for March and April

Judy Clegg, Sophie Griffiths, James Manlow, Miriam Troth, Rob Bury, Karen Lawson, Shaifali Gupta and Tom Murphy

In February local poets wrote about love and belonging

Celebrating love of books 'Holy Land' poem by Rachel Wilson

Poems of love and belonging by James Manlow, Miriam Troth, Rob Bury and Phillip de Wavrin

January -  Beginnings

Beginnings poems by Sophie Griffiths, Ray Wills, Tom Murphy, Brian Boddy, Ruth Bainton, Jason du Toit and Anne Cooke

December - Happiness

Happiness poems by Karen E Lawman, James Manlow, Ray Wills, R J A Pike, Tom Murphy, Rob Bury and Jill Barr

November - Noir poems of drama, thrills & tragedy

 Noir Poetry for November by Tom Murphy, Jane Skellett and Rob Bury

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