Colter Offshore Oil Appraisal Well

Posted on Wednesday 13th February 2019
We have the following statement:


Councillor John Beesley, Leader, Bournemouth Council commented

“On behalf of Bournemouth Council, I submitted robust objections to the Colter Offshore Oil Exploration Well proposals in February 2018 in response to the Oil and Gas Authority Regulators’ consultation on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

“Despite this, consent was granted to the applicant Corallian Energy by the Central Government Regulator, OPRED, much to our disappointment. We understood from the Regulator that to comply with the approved mitigation measures, the applicant’s operations must be completed by the end of February 2019, so we are surprised to learn that an extension has been approved by the Regulator for the operations to be completed by the end of March 2019.

“Bournemouth Borough Council were not consulted or invited to comment by OPRED on the time extension, which is deeply disappointing. We continue to seek assurances from the Regulator that the full range mitigation measures they have approved are being complied with. We would want to see this operation finalised at the earliest possible opportunity so that risks associated with the operation to our marine environment can be eliminated.”