Specialist dementia service opens its doors in Moordown

Posted on Wednesday 27th March 2019

Local residents with dementia and their carers, are set to benefit from transformed facilities at Moordown Plus (formerly Malvern Day Centre) which officially opened last week.

The Council has invested £983,000 to refurbish the building and provide specialist facilities suitable for residents with medium and high-level dementia including:

  • A dementia-friendly environment
  • Dementia quiet room
  • Safe outside patio area
  • Themed rooms
  • Refurbishment of the whole building

The centre, which is managed by Tricuro, features a number of zones with artefacts and items giving visual stimulation to provoke positive memories for residents with dementia. These include: a music zone (displaying record covers), armed forces area (with badges etc), people around the world zone, vehicles (such as displaying a make of car badge), and sailing (life rings).

Jane Portman, Managing Director, Bournemouth Borough Council, said: “I am completely blown away by the transformation of the centre. The exciting and airy new facility is not just dementia-friendly, the centre has been transformed in to a new and welcoming and vibrant place to be. This service will be so valuable to the local community in supporting people with dementia in a safe, secure and caring environment.”

Alison Waller, Tricuro’s Managing Director, said: “The new Moordown Centre will support local people and provides a stimulating and supportive environment which offers opportunities for clients and carers to come and participate in a range of activities, enjoy the company of others and benefit from the relaxing and spacious environment.”

The day service also provides a range of activities for all abilities, including:

  • Monthly cinema club
  • Games such as skittles and table tennis
  • Musical bingo
  • Arts and crafts
  • Singing
  • Gardening
  • Regular outings

 For more information: https://www.tricuro.co.uk/day-service/moordown-plus-specialist-dementia-service/