Blue Badges for Disabled Parking

A Blue Badge allows you to park in a disabled parking spot

They also let other drivers know that you are a disabled driver.  Find out how to apply for a Blue Badge here.

Where a Blue Badge allows you to park

You can use a Blue Badge wherever there is the disabled sign on a parking space anywhere in the European Union.

Parking for free in Bournemouth Council car parks

If you're exempt from paying vehicle tax because of a disability, see our disabled parking in Bournemouth page for more information on how to register your vehicle.

How to use a Blue Badge

You must make sure your Blue Badge is clear to see on the dashboard of your vehicle. It should show the side with the wheelchair symbol and expiry date.

Remember, having a Blue Badge does not automatically mean that you have free parking. Make sure you check the signs in the car park.

Reporting misuse of a badge

If you think someone is misusing a Blue Badge, let us know. You don’t need you to give us your name, we'll look into the matter and decide whether further action is needed.