Disabled Parking on Bournemouth Roads

Find out about parking options we provide for disabled people on our roads

Disabled bays on the road are clearly marked with the word ‘Disabled’. You must display your disabled badge so the wheelchair symbol and expiry date can be seen through your windscreen.

You also need to set your time clock to the time you arrived.

In the Town Centre, you can’t park for more than three hours between 8 am and 6 pm 

Residential disabled bays

You can apply for a residential disabled bay online.

Things you should know before applying:

  • Applications may not be approved if you have off-road parking
  • You must be the blue badge holder who lives at the address
  • A vehicle must be registered to the address
  • You can apply for one of two types of bay, a general bay which can be used by anyone with a blue badge or a permit bay for the sole use of the permit holder
  • A general bay costs £300, a permit bay costs £400
  • You can also apply to convert an existing general bay to a permit bay, this costs £200
  • As part of the statutory process required to implement changes on the highway, we must undertake a public consultation before a bay can be installed
  • Your payment will be required prior to consultation, once your application has been approved in principle.
  • Each bay will be 6.6m long
  • Residential disabled bays have no maximum stay