Applying for a Blue Badge

Apply and renew online by using our quick and easy online form

The Blue Badge application service is completely free, and anyone can apply on your behalf.

Your Blue Badge lasts for three years. You can renew it up to four weeks before the Badge’s expiry date.

Is there a fee for a Blue Badge?

While applying is free, a Blue Badge costs £10 and is valid for three years. If you want to have a disabled sticker for the rear window, this will cost an addition £1.

What do I need to send off?

When you apply, make sure you have the following:

  • Proof of identification
  • National Insurance number
  • Details of your current Blue Badge, if you have one
  • Digital or signed photo
  • Proof of residency

We’ll explain how to send us these when you apply. You can send them by email or post.

In serious circumstances, we won’t need a photo, signature or fee if you’re terminally ill. We’ll also fast track your application.

Please be aware of the Blue Badge scams where you may be charged £49 for an application which won't guarantee that a Blue Badge will be issued to you. These websites are not associated with the Blue Badge Service and the application form supplied by these websites is not accepted by local authorities.

How do I apply on behalf of an organisation?

Please email us at with the name and address of your organisation, a contact name and whether you currently have an organisational badge.