Replacing or Returning a Blue Badge

If you’ve lost a badge or need to return one, let us know

Before contacting us for a replacement, make sure you report your lost Badge to the police. They will give you a lost property or crime number. You’ll need this number when you contact us.

Write to us, including:

  • Your full name and address
  • Why you need a replacement
  • The lost property or crime number
  • A passport-sized photo with your name written on the back
  • Your signature
  • £10 replacement fee

I’m moving, what do I do?

We need to know if you change your address. If you let us know as soon as you can, we can make sure we send you your renewal reminder to your new address.

If you’re moving away from Bournemouth, you’ll need to re-apply to your new local council.

Returning a Blue Badge

If a badge holder doesn’t need their badge anymore, you must send it back to us.

What to do I do if my mobility improves?

If there is a change in your condition, we need to know. You’ll need to return the Badge so we don’t send any more letters.

What to do if a badge holder passes away

If you can send us their name, address and date of death, we won’t send any further correspondence.