Local Parking Restrictions

We’re responsible for enforcing parking restrictions in Bournemouth

There are two kinds of parking restrictions in Bournemouth:

  1. A restriction which means you can’t park in an area at all.
  2. A restriction which limits your parking by time, the kind of vehicle you have, or what you want to do in that area.

Disabled parking

You can find out more about this from our disabled parking page. 

Resident’s permits

We run resident permit zones for local people, issue resident’s permits and set up resident parking schemes.  You can find out more about this from our Residents Parking and Residents Permits pages.

On-street pay and display

There are on-street pay and display areas in Bournemouth town centre and some seafront locations.

Access Protection Marking

You can apply to have an Access Protection Marking (white H mark) painted on the street outside your property in front of a dropped kerb, which clearly highlights your access.

How to apply for a parking restriction

To apply for a parking restriction (or to remove one), you’ll need to submit a parking restriction request form to the traffic management department.

You can also ask your local Ward councillors to raise this issue on your behalf.

If we approve your request, we’ll set a budget and your request will go through a public consultation.

Public consultation

Here’s how a public consultation works:

  • Your request is advertised in the Bournemouth Daily Echo, our website and at the site of the request
  • The consultation lasts for 3 weeks
  • We consider all of the comments, for and against the request

Documents can be seen at the Town Hall between 09:00-16:30 Monday to Thursday and 09:00-16:00 on Friday. 

Based on the responses we’ve received, we’ll send a report explaining our recommendations to the councillor responsible for Transport and Infrastructure as well as Legal and Finance officers. 

One of four things will then happen to your request:

  1. It will be approved and we’ll start working on it
  2. It will be declined, but you might be able to request it again in two years
  3. It will be approved, but only if compromises are made
  4. It needs to be re-discussed or reviewed by someone else

If the councillor and legal/finance officers approve, they’ll sign the report and pass it on to other councillors. If nobody disagrees, we’ll begin working on your request.

This process can take several months.