Appealing To The Traffic Penalty Tribunal

If we reject your challenge, you can appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal

Your Notice of Rejection tells you how to appeal. You can do this online.  The Traffic Penalty Tribunal will tell us you’ve sent an appeal.

Your appeal will be heard in one of three ways:

  • Personal Hearing: these normally happen at a venue in Bournemouth, but can take place elsewhere in the UK.
  • Postal Hearing: the adjudicator sees paperwork completed by you and the council and then makes a decision.
  • Telephone Hearing: a three-way conference call between you, the council and the adjudicator. You and the council will take it in turns to make your case and respond to each other. The adjudicator then makes a decision.

I’ve received a Charge Certificate. Can I still make a challenge?

Yes, we may accept a challenge at this stage. You’ll need to explain why you couldn’t make a challenge earlier.