What To Do If You Weren't The Driver

If your vehicle was issued a ticket and you weren't  the driver at the time

If a vehicle is registered in your name you are responsible for it.  If the vehicle was sold or stolen we’ll need to see proof. This should include:

  • A receipt or invoice showing the sale
  • We’ll need to know the new owner’s full name, address and the date of the sale
  • Insurance documents
  • Confirmation the vehicle was written off
  • Police confirmation that the vehicle was stolen, for example, your crime or incident number

If the police don’t know anything about the vehicle, we may put your name back on the Penalty Charge Notice and send this to you.

The car was hired to someone else

You’ll need to send us a signed and dated copy of the hire agreement which must state the hirer/driver is liable for any Penalty Charge Notice.

When we get this, we’ll send the person who hired the vehicle a Penalty Charge Notice.

Will my company know I’ve been sent a Penalty Charge Notice for my company car?

Not if the Penalty Charge Notice is paid on time. 

If it isn’t, we’ll contact the DVLA and send a Notice to Owner to your company.